• NR18 Bird Songs of Canada 4 CD Collection
  • John Neville
  • CISS: #978-1-926866-08-6
  • Tracklist - Description of Each Recording (song and call)
    and location for all species.
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Bird Songs of Canada.

Chants d’oiseaux du Canada
by John Neville

Canada's diverse habitats are home to an extraordinary variety of breeding birds, nearly all of which are profiled in Bird Songs of Canada - a remarkable reference work bringing together many hundreds of high-quality recordings in a single 4-CD set. This exceptional collection provides a reconnection with nature, highlights our astonishing avian diversity, and offers a valuable tool to anyone seeking to identify birds by their songs and calls.

Andrew P. Coughlan - Bird Studies Canada
John Neville's recordings are top notch, and will make a great addition to the audio libraries of Canadian birders.
Ted Cheskey, Manager, Bird Conservation, Nature Canada

Some are fortunate to find that passion that drives them to achieve much. John Neville found his in the myriad sounds that birds use to communicate and we are all the better for it. With this more than two decade-long pursuit he's secured his place in the pantheon of great bird sound recordists. From Surf Scoter to Gray-headed Chickadee, in his publication of "Bird Songs of Canada" John has created a work that anyone with an interest in the natural world will quickly understand is an invaluable tool for exploring it.

Greg Budney, Curator of Audio, Macaulay Library, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

This well-edited collection of sounds is a pleasure to listen to, and will help beginning and expert birders learn the wonderful diversity of bird songs in Canada

Charles M. Francis, PhD
Manager, Bird Population Monitoring
Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada
435 Bird Species and 396 Tracks

Species and Track List in English, French and Latin on inside cover

While we offer it direct from us at the best price in a 4 CD set, we also sell the individual volumes seperately as digital downloads through iTunes. Click below to View in iTunes and hear samples of the entire collection!

Bird Songs of Canada Vol. 1
Bird Songs of Canada Vol. 2
Bird Songs of Canada Vol. 3
Bird Songs of Canada Vol. 4

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